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Born in Paris, France, 1975  // Freelance photographer since 2001

I speak French (mother tongue), English (fluent) and a bit of Portuguese.

I shoot in digital with Canon gear, am a PC girl and mostly use Photoshop and Photo Mechanic to edit and work on my photos.

I live in Vancouver, Canada

Other places where I lived include Paris, Lisbon, Aberdeen, Auckland and Montreal

I love the ocean (at 2 months old I was already sailing wiht my parents on our sailboat Melusine!) & the outdoors, am a skier (since I was 5) and love reading real paper books

I am intuitive and believe that everything happens for a reason and that there is no such thing as coincidences

I am a chocolate addict - mostly dark and raw

Want to discover a part of my job? Here is a little interview on me & my work on tennis (in french).

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Hello and welcome into my world!

I am a true Parisian girl with Asian roots.

I feel I was born a gipsy, free spirit, in love with travels, with a curious mind. So I naturally became a professional freelance photographer over 13 years ago!

I have been working in various areas around the world, living over 10 years of my life in 5 different countries.

Currently based on the West Coast of Canada in beautiful Vancouver, BC, I live with my eyes wide open. I love to explore a variety of things and connect with conscious people. I am learning every day, as a professional and above all as a human being.

Passionate about telling stories and capturing the essence of whatever & whoever I have in front of my camera, I work with people who touch & inspire me, which helps me find my balance and purpose in life.

By creating authentic photographs, I intend to show how powerful and intense human beings are, and it is my goal to try to express their ‘amazingness’ through my images.

My main areas of expertise are in portrait, photojournalism/documentary, sport and news. I also recently started to explore architectural & real estate photography.

I love new challenges and am always willing to discover and explore new paths!

To learn more about my past works you can have a look at my Linkedin profile, have a look at my publications, or go to the testimonials page to see what my clients say about my work.

I work with medias (press, photo agencies) as well as businesses and private clients, shooting portraits or events such as weddings, documenting the work of artists & entrepreneurs or creating still images for beautiful products. Browse the various sections to have a look at my work or go to the 'for clients' section to see your photos (accessible with password).

And make sure to connect with me for more infos or to talk about your needs.

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